Apostolates: Helping the Poor

We serve in a large region, a whole section of the Diocese called Portland. Port Antonio is the Capital where we reside. In our jurisdiction, we have three parishes and two schools and have a number of outreach programmes for the poor.

We take seriously the mandate to feed the poor, clothe the naked, & visit the sick in the footsteps of St. Philip Neri.

There is dire poverty in the area and the Fathers, with the help of "Food for the Poor," have built two outreach centers where we distribute food and clothing. Once a year we have a 10-day medical mission.

We have various programmes of Evangelisation, especially for the youth.

We have formed a youth Oratory and every Wednesday during the Pastoral year we have “Evenings at the Oratory” where we follow the method of St Philip Neri. We also sit on the school board of both schools entrusted to our care.

Thanks to benefactors we have begun a small orchestra as music is an important tool in the Oratorian tradition.

We have a honey farm and a chicken egg farm which allows us to train and empower our young people.

EWTN: The Church and The Poor
The Oratory of Port Antonio